Detail of Mural Painting

Detail from  that we were called into this world as human.   Read and see more.


Eliezer Margolis is a psychologist who maintained an independent practice in Evanston, Illinois, from October 1,1992 to July 1, 2013. He specialized in bringing a collaborative, existential psychotherapeutic approach to the struggles of adults who deal with chronic and/or serious medical illness, trauma, physical disability, sexual difficulty, or death and dying. He utilized his subspecialty training and clinical experience in working with people (and their families) who have “different” central nervous systems due to brain injury or other neurological problems. Although his independent practice of clinical psychology closed in July of 2013, Eliezer continues to work on a long-term project to develop a consilient narrative that accounts for the defining features and limits of humanness.  

Since retiring from active practice as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Margolis has devoted more of his energies to directing The Returning Wealth Philanthropic Fund, a donor advised fund administered by the Jewish Communal Fund of New York, that he began directing in 1994. The early prime objectives of the fund were supporting American Indian education and environmental organizations.  Currently, the fund’s chief mission is to support organizations involved in bringing an end to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and ending Israel’s brutal suppression of Palestinian striving for autonomous nationhood.   Implicit in this current mission is the goal of achieving a shared secular and democratic society in which dignity, equity and equal rights are assured for all the peoples of Israel-Palestine.