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that we were called into this world as human

7' x 11'
oil glaze on canvas
by Joseph Luis Ramirez

Installed on south wall of Suite C, 621 Madison Street, Evanston, IL, on May 25, 2000

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Mural Text:

the prow of your consciousness
breaks the waves of the seeming and the real,
batters the shoals of a spreading wrong;

witness, if in rippled depths you know
your self the mettle, equal and wild, 
to keep this wrong from wronging on
but run from the army of protest holy–

here caught! on brambled failure
the garment of your human passage snagged,
and you, deserter, sealed fast now belong
to every wrong that stains this world still


Source Of Text:

Free-worked or remade verse translation by Eliezer Margolis of a fragment of a  commentary from the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate "Shabbos". Ch. 5, p.54/B-3)



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